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Activities - 28/01/2015


Europa Cinemas at the Berlinale


In the framework of the upcoming 65th Berlinale, a Jury made of 4 Network exhibitors will award the Europa Cinemas Label to a European film from the Panorama section. The 4 Jury members from Spain, Belgium, Russia and Germany will announce the Award winning film on Friday, February 13, 2015. This year, 9 films will compete for the Label.

Bizarre by Étienne Faure (France)

Dyke Hard by Bitte Andersson (Sweden)

Murder in Pacot by Raoul Peck (France)

Out of Nature by Ole Giæver, Marte Vold (Norway)

Petting Zoo by Micah Magee (Germany)

The Last Summer of the Rich by Peter Kern (Austria)

The Summer of Sangailé by Alanté Kavaïté (Lithuania / France / Netherlands)

Tough Love by Rosa von Praunheim (Germany)

Why me? by Tudor Giurgiu (Romania / Bulgaria / Hungary)


 The 4 Jury members are: PEDRO BARBADILLO (Spain), ELSIE ROOSE (Belgium), ARTEM RYZHKOV (Russia) and ANDREA STOSIEK (Germany).


PEDRO BARBADILLO - Cineciutat - PALMA (Spain)

A documentary filmmaker himself, and former director of the Mallorca Film Commission, Pedro Barbadillo is the president of a non-profit association in Palma de Mallorca that rescued a film theatre in 2012. He is also promoting "CineArte", the first network of arthouse cinemas in Spain which has just been formally established and brings together 11 cinemas from all over the country, some of which have been re-opened by groups of citizens who organized themselves in order to save their local cinemas from disappearing.

ELSIE ROOSE - Cinema Lumière - BRUGES (Belgium)

After having achieved experience in the cultural field through her job in the organization of Brugge 2002, cultural capital of Europe, Elsie Roose became General Manager of Cinema Lumière in 2011. Winner of the 2014 Best Young Audience Activities Award, Cinema Lumière is leading the way in particular in the areas of film education and school screenings.

ARTEM RYZHKOV - Kinoteatr Zarya - KALININGRAD (Russia)

An author of 3 novels and many creative projects in his native Kaliningrad, Artem Ryzhkov has been working as an art-director of Zarya cinema for 12 years, curating a successful European film festival on the Western border of Russia. He is also the owner and conceptual director of the art-space named “Kvartira”.

ANDREA STOSIEK - Sputnik Kino - BERLIN (Germany)

Andrea Stosiek is the owner of the open air cinema “Insel im Cassiopeia”, the co-founder and coordinator of the British short film festival, as well as the owner and manager of the Sputnik Kino, a small independent arthouse cinema located on the 5th floor of a building in Berlin Kreuzberg. Founded by a group of young film enthusiasts in 1988, Sputnik Kino has two screens and a lovely cinema lounge which is used for concerts and film workshops


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