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Activities - 03/07/2014


Europa Cinemas Label at Karlovy Vary (4-12 July 2014)


Karlovy Vary, 4-12 July 2014, 4 Network exhibitors from Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic and Belgium will take part in the “Europa Cinemas Label Jury” on the occasion of the upcoming Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Czech Republic.
 The 4 Jury members will award one film among the 13 European films competing in both the Official and the East of the West selections.

List of films

VILMA LEVICKAITE - Kino Centras Skalvija - VILNIUS (Lithuania)

Since 2008, Vilma Levickaite has been the Head Manager of SKALVIJA, an art-house cinema member of Europa Cinemas which is located in central Vilnius. SKALVIJA contributes significantly to the diversity of film culture with a programming focusing on non-commercial European and World cinema. The film theatre is also a major venue for cinematic events (festivals, meetings with filmmakers, retrospectives…) and for film education - each year, different courses on scriptwriting, directing, editing and film history are organized in order to give young people the opportunity to learn more about film and filmmaking.

NADJA HETESOVA - Kino Junior / Kino Radnice - JABLONEC NAD NISOU (Czech Republic)

After a Master of “Theory and History of the Dramatic Arts”, Nadja Hetesova began to work for local television and then for a local authority at the Department of Arts and Culture.
 In 2008, Nadja became Manager and Programmer of cinemas in Jablonec nad Nisou. She is currently running 3 digitalized film theatres, among them one open air cinema. Nadja is also responsible for the Jablonec film club and used to work for the Association of Cinema Operators of the Czech Republic.


After graduating from literature and film studies, Cloé Tralci obtained a professional diploma in translation applied to audiovisual field. Working on the subtitling of several works, she discovered a passion for the process of audio description.On several occasions, she has attended film festivals, and in April 2014 she decided to devote herself full time to cinema and became the programmer of the Galeries film theater, a member of the Europa Cinemas Network located in Brussels. Karlovy Vary is the first festival where she has the opportunity to be Jury member - an experience she is looking forward to!


Anastasios Liagkris works for the cinema Alexandra and the open-air theatre Laura in Athens - both members of Europa Cinemas since 2011. Anastasios is 26 years old and and was literally born "in the cinema", working there from a young age and learning the job from his father.
 Cinema is a family business: Anastasios’ grandfather was in charge of the film programming of more than 8 cinemas in Athens during the 1960s. However, the arrival of television brought an abrupt halt to his activities, as the audience shrank dramatically, and he had to start from scratch. His grandfather managed to recover thanks to Laura, his only film theatre left. He then purchased Alexandra, a film theatre in the heart of Athens, and as of today, these are the two film theatres ran by Anastasios’ father.