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Activities - 29/01/2013


Europa Cinemas Label - Interview with Anne Kellner - Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll - Rostock


We interview Anne Kellner, Programming and Commercial Director of Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll in Rostock, on the occasion of her participation as a jury member for the Europa Cinemas Label.

What do you expect from the Berlinale 2013? Are you a regular?  What do you expect from the Panorama section, being member of the Jury?

I’ve been visiting the Berlinale almost regularly for about 15 years now. I appreciate the festival atmosphere and the chance to watch films that possibly never enter German cinemas, because they are rejected by market mechanisms, but which nevertheless are movies, interesting, new and inspiring.  I also appreciate the chance to meet filmmakers. When I started to work at the cinema Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll, I of course developed also a more “professional” perspective: What films could fit into our programme (given that they find a distributor), what are new developments in style, artistic realization, film language, what are the issues that inspire filmmakers?

I hope in 2013 we will discover in the Panorama section some valuable, special films and be able to pave the way for a successful distribution for the winner of the Europa Cinemas Label throughout Europe.

If possible could you describe us your preferences when it comes to cinema, your favorite films, directors, genres, etc..?


If I should describe my preferences regarding films, genres and directors, I’d say that don’t have any preferences. A shortlist of my favourite films would include the trilogy DREI FARBEN by Krzysztof Kieslowski, DAS FEST by Thomas Vinterberg, ANDREJ RUBLJOW by Andrej Tarkowski, PANS LABYRINTH by Guillermo del Toro, PULP FICTION by Quentin Tarantino, “MANCHE MÖGEN’S HEIß by Billy Wilder and LOCAL HERO by Bill Forsyth and and... What films of the past years will make their way on this shortlist – I’ll know in decent time.

Do you know (some of) the films that have been labelled by Europa Cinemas juries in the last years? What are you favorites films among the previous Europa Cinemas Label winners? 

Some of the films that were labelled by Europa Cinemas Juries in the last years are films that I really like. There are films like ÜBER UNS DAS ALL, NORD , KLEINE TRICKS , ATMEN , ELDORADO or CONTROL . The Europa Cinemas Label hopefully had some influence on the success of these films.


Could you give a short description of the cinema Lichspieltheater Wundervoll in Rostock, its profile and development? Could you also describe its importance in the context of the "cultural environment" of Rostock?

The cinema “Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll“ (LiWu) was founded in 1993 as a follower of the cine club at the University of Rostock, that had been regularly showing films from the late 60’ until the beginning of the 90’. LiWu is the only Arthouse cinema in Rostock and one of a very few in the whole Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. People sometimes drive about an hour to watch a film here. In the past two years we had to move two times, and we only came through that with the support of numberless people from Rostock who helped us in many ways. We are very well networked with all kinds of institutions and organisations in Rostock, from the University and the Theatre to the Hospital and the local Police Station.

Do young audiences play an important part in your cinema? Do you organise any special events and how well did the year 2012 go for you? Were there any specific problems you had to face in 2012 (for example digitization)?

About one quarter to one third of our visitors are young people. The cinema employs a media pedagogue who is responsible for the school programme and the contact with schools. Apart from Cinefête and an English language film programme she organizes screenings according to the teacher’s suggestions and wishes. Apart from that we offer screenings for children and families at the weekends and during school holidays. Our experience is that young people from about 12, 14 years tend to watch the mainstream programme at the multiplex, and when they are around 20, some of them start to come back to us and chose more challenging films.

The biggest problem we had to face in 2012 was to move into an empty hall and to metamorphose it into a cinema. Though we had to close for 10 weeks, we got more than 33.000 visitors at the end in 2012. The problem we will have to face in 2013 is digitization. Because of the fixed-term tenancy agreements we had in the last years, we couldn’t apply for funding.