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Activities - 23/05/2014


Directors' Fortnight : LES COMBATTANTS wins Europa Cinemas Label


The French film LES COMBATTANTS (Love at First Fight), directed by Thomas Cailley, has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film in the Directors’ Fortnight section, it was announced today by a jury of four exhibitors from the network. 2014 marks the twelfth time the Label has been awarded in Cannes.

LES COMBATTANTS will now receive the support of the Europa Cinemas Network, with additional promotion and incentives for exhibitors to extend the film’s run on screen.


Bac Films


Gilles Sousa/Clémentine Hugot

The jury issued the following statement:

“This is that rarity – a well-scripted and well-acted feelgood arthouse film. Thomas Cailley’s debut feature has witty dialogue and the relationship between the man and the woman at the centre of the film is delightfully modern and free of cliché. LES COMBATTANTS deserves to be seen as widely as possible around Europe.”


France (Haut et Court/  20 August, 2014- Austria (Thimfilm) - Balkans (Mega Com Film) - Benelux (O’Brother) - Denmark (Angel Films) - Estonia (Estin Film) - Great-Britain (Articial Eye) - Greece (Feelgood) - Hungary (Mozinet) - Latvia (Rija Films) - Norway (Fidalgo) - Portugal (Film4you) - Spain (Surtsey Films) - Switzerland (Film Coopi)


Between his friends and the family business, Arnaud’s summer looks set to be a peaceful one. Peaceful until he runs into Madeleine, as beautiful as she is brusque, a concrete block of tensed muscles and doomsday prophecies.
He expects nothing; she prepares for the worst.
He takes things as they come, likes a good laugh. She fights, runs, swims, pushes herself to the limit.
Given she hasn’t asked him for anything, just how far will he go along with her?
It’s a love story. Or a story of survival. Or both.

Thomas Cailley is both the director and co-screenwriter with Claude le Pape. Pierre Gayard produced the film. The film is a Nord-Ouest Films production, co-produced with Appaloosa Distribution.

David Cailley is the Director of Photography; Sound Design is by Jean-Luc Audy, Guillaume Bouchateau, Antoine Baudouin, and Niels Barletta; the Editor is Lilian Corbeille, and Paul Chapelle Production Designer. Music is by Hit'N'Run. The cast includes Kevin Azaïs and Adèle Haenel.

The Europa Cinemas jury consisted of four network exhibitors:  Tiina Savi - Kino Sõprus - TALLINN (Estonia); Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi - Stadtkino/Filmhaus Kino - VIENNA (Austria); Xavier Pattaroni - Cinemotion - FRIBOURG (Switzerland) 
and Paul-Marie Claret - Le Méliès - SAINT-ÉTIENNE (France).

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