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Activities - 14/09/2011


27 Times Cinema - The Portraits - Roswitha Böhm - Schlosstheater - Münster- Germany


Could you introduce yourself and tell us who you are and what you do?

My name is Roswitha Böhm. I am 24 years old and at the moment I study philosophy and german literature in Münster, a little city in the northwest of Germany.

How long have you been going to the cinema? When you were a child, did you go with your parents? Or did you go with school, as part of a special educational programme?

I can still remember the first time I went to the cinema in my hometown. My father took me there when I was about six years old. We saw The Lion King and I was so impressed by the colorful animations that I named my cat after one of the characters. I love going to the movies ever since. While attending school, I generally watched movies only for entertainment. However, when I started university I developed a special interest for independent cinema. 

Why do you like cinema?  Why do you prefer cinema to other media or to books, for example?

I love movies, because they are a multifaceted art form and combine various ways of expression. There are so many aspects in a movie like the storyline, the performance of the actors, the style of the language, the choice of the setting and the music that constitute an atmosphere. All these aspects can make the personal access to a movie very easy, if the performance is believable.

Tell us what type of cinema or which kind of films you prefer? Which films are particularly important to you?

For me it is difficult to decide which genre I like best, because almost every genre has its qualities. At the moment I prefer dramas and comedies with dark humor. Generally, I like movies that leave it to the audience to have their own interpretation. Moreover, I like it when the story is character driven. And I think a good movie should be able to create a dense atmosphere.

What are your 3 favorite films?

It is hard for me to tell which films are my 3 favorites, because I change my mind about this very often. I was very impressed by Jim Jarmusch’s movie Broken Flowers, because he creates such an intense melancholic mood. I love how the protagonist played by Bill Murray appears funny and tragic at the same time. Besides, I really like the soundtrack and how the color pink gets important in this film. Another movie I really enjoy is A Single Man. The scene in which the protagonist tries to commit suicide has especially affected me. Moreover, I am fond of the movie Pans Labyrinth, because it contains a fascinating mixture of a realistic storyline with fairy tale elements. Additionally, the audience never gets to know, if the fantastic creatures are real or only exist in the imagination of the main character. To me this is exciting, because everyone is forced to create his or her own version of the “truth”.

Do you participate to film forums online? Or do have your own blog?

I don’t participate in film forums. But I am working as an editorial journalist for a movie program for the campus radio station in Münster, which includes movie reviews, presentations of directors and information about upcoming movie projects.

What do you think of European cinema?  What does European cinema represent for you?

I think European movies are very heterogeneous and it is therefore difficult to form an opinion about the European cinema as a whole. But perhaps it is exactly this variety that constitutes European cinema. What I like about movies made in Europe is, that are they often independent and therefore unconventional. In the history of European cinema there have been many filmmaking movements like Neorealism, Nouvelle Vague and Dogme 95, which contrast the typical Hollywood cinema. I appreciate that many European movies don’t focus on special effects, but rather on the story.

Which cinema are you representing at 27 Times Cinema? What do you like most about this venue?

I am representing the Schlosstheater in Münster. It is a small arthouse cinema showing thoughtful and interesting movies. The cinema includes a café where you can sit outside in the summertime and drink a coffee before the movie starts. What I really like about the Schlosstheater is that they are sometimes inviting filmmakers. After the screening you can discuss the movie with them, which gives you an insight of the filmmaker’s intentions. And besides, it is only a 2 minutes’ walk away from where I live.

What are your habits as a film-goer?

I go to the movies almost every week. Normally, I go with my friends, because I like to sit together afterwards and discuss the movies. I always try to be in the theatre before the advertisement starts, because I love to watch the trailers before the feature film. Besides, almost every time I go to the theatre I have to eat popcorn. But I think I have to give up this habit during the Venice Days. There are just too many movies to watch and I am afraid that otherwise I will get a stomach ache.
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