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Activities - 13/10/2011


27 Times Cinema - The Portraits - Adrian Abela - St James Cavalier - Valletta - Malta


Could you introduce yourself and tell us who you are and what you do?

I am an architecture student and an aspiring artist. Mostly interested in art, architecture and film and how these disciplines interrelate.

How long have you been going to the cinema? Did you go to cinema when you were a child?

In Malta, we have only one cinema which shows films I am interested in: the St. James Cavalier in Valletta. The other cinemas tend to be more commercial with block buster movies which I don’t mind attending because it helps you to reaffirm your tastes.
We also have film events which show older films throughout the year: they are organised by the NGO Kinemastik, which also organises a short film festival.
I did not go often to the cinema as a child, but I used to watch bad quality VHS tapes which I would rent from a lady at the end of the street.

Why do you like cinema?  Why do you prefer cinema to other media or to books, for example?
I like cinema because it creates pockets of dreams where people can refuge at a given time of the day. I like going to the cinema as a space because it’s the vehicle to these refuge pockets and times.
I don’t have preferences in media, I think they all have their own properties which are unique. I decide whether to read a book or watch a film depending on the period am living in: if I find my life to be slow, I read the book, if I don’t have much time where I can read a book I’ll watch a movie to give me back some energy.
Tell us what type of cinema or which kind of films you prefer? What are your 3 favourite films?

I really wouldn’t limit myself to a given genre or film, because as I said I feel like my life changes and I like to test my tastes, but having said that I like art house cinema most.
I don’t like to speak of my favourite films because I could easily change my mind tomorrow.  That said, I can name three which have stuck in my head and influence my work : Lunacy of Jan Švankmajer, Drowning by Numbers of Peter Greenaway and The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci.
Do you participate to blogs online? Do you have a blog yourself?
I have a few blogs which I keep updating; they each have their own story and theme:
and a few more…

Do you make films yourself? Do you put them on the Internet?
I like making video clips which I put on my blogs and on youtube. I make films to be shown in art galleries which I don’t put online because of their specific content. I would love to make proper short films and I have been thinking of some projects for the past few years. One is about a guy who is fixated with female hair and the other one is about the Catholic cloistered nuns. Both are inspired by contemporary Maltese society.
What do you think of European cinema?  What does European cinema represent for you?
I think European cinema is my favourite on the whole because it is so diverse: the language and the subjects which are explored in European cinema are those I am most interested in. I think European cinema represents our voices, and we should keep on doing it.
Do you feel European? Do you travel often in Europe? Have you ever lived abroad?
I am from Malta, which is a post-colonial society. We are still feeling a bit without identity, we are still building the country and we have a lot more to work on and built. We are in a time where we are slowly getting to understand our identity, but we have a long way to go especially because of the geographical position of the country.
As for myself, I feel I am a human which was born in Malta which is part of Europe, so I don’t know which comes first… but I feel European because I do travel in Europe, as often as I can, and I feel like I’m still at home. I studied abroad for a few months, and it showed me how easy it is for us to adapt to different countries within this bigger broader society: Europe.


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- St James Cavalier

Sileny (Lunacy)
The Dreamers